Herbeumont trail weekend gallery

The French concept of “Station de Trail” set up some marked trails in the area of Herbeumont and since I love this concept, I suggested a hangout where we’d check some of them out. It turned into a classic Belgian “Ardennes weekend”, which means beautiful nature, chilling out in small warm rivers, bonfires, barbeques and Belgian beers. A great weekend with very good company! Even after many epic hikes, I still love these hangouts very much. On to the next one!

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The dangers of over commitment and tunnel vision

Most accidents happen with hikers. That’s right. Not climbers, not alpinists, not mountain bikers… The largest number of people that have serious accidents were simply walking. Of course this only happens to big city fools doing outrageously stupid things right? The truth is that if you go out often enough, you will sooner or later find yourself into some kind of trouble. Over commitment and tunnel vision then become a leading cause for more trouble.
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Trail running: Reykjadalur with beautiful strangers (Iceland)

This experience is the perfect example to illustrate how the best way to make friends to share experiences, is by going out and just doing what you love to do. Having just arrived in Iceland, I was asking around in some Facebook groups to see if anyone wanted to go trail running with me. Just when I was about to give up hope, Viggó, a local, messaged me that he was going to take a Canadian friend for a trail run to a secret hot pool and that I was welcome to join.

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Trail running: Drangshilðar (aka Mount Suribachi)


I’m currently working out of Skógar in South Iceland, home of the world famous Skógafoss waterfall and trailhead of the magnificent Fimmvorðuhals trail. After you’ve gotten over the novelty of this wall of water thundering down, the next thing you notice is this imposing hill dominating the handful of houses. I’ve been itching to get up there to see if I could find a nice route to train my anti-gravity endurance and today was just the perfect day to do it.

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My angle on the most brutal trail ultra in the low countries – Legends Trails 2016

My angle on the most brutal trail ultra in the low countries – Legends Trails 2016

While getting ready for work around 8 am on Monday morning, I took one final look at the live tracking page and saw that the last two contestants were less than 1km away from reaching the finish line of the first edition of Legends Trails. They had started their odyssey 250km, more than 7000m D+ and over 60 hours ago. Out of the 47 men and women that started on Friday night, 6pm, 15 completed the event. I’m quite sure you’re not fully getting what an achievement this is. Read on!

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Corridors of flow – In search of the perfect trail experience.

While religiously sipping hot coffee, my morning started with browsing the new batch of outdoor sports media the night had spawned. Usually it’s the same generic clichés of a runner, biker or climber doing something way out of my reach, while a dreamy euphoric soundtrack helps to convince me of its total awesomeness. The bittersweet sting I get from these video’s helps me convince myself that if I just get through these next couple of days, weeks, months… of being diligent at work, I’ll get my share as well.

I was watching a video of mountain bikers flowing through some ridiculously beautiful trails when I heard the voice over say something that really struck a chord in me. He simply nailed what I’d been thinking but hadn’t been able to put into words:
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