Trail running: Reykjadalur with beautiful strangers (Iceland)

This experience is the perfect example to illustrate how the best way to make friends to share experiences, is by going out and just doing what you love to do. Having just arrived in Iceland, I was asking around in some Facebook groups to see if anyone wanted to go trail running with me. Just when I was about to give up hope, Viggó, a local, messaged me that he was going to take a Canadian friend for a trail run to a secret hot pool and that I was welcome to join.

Without hesitating, I said yes and not much later I found myself in a hotel lobby shaking hands with Viggó and Dean Johnson, race director of the Lost Soul Ultra Marathon in Canada. I can’t deny being a little intimidated by the prospect of going for a run with a triathlete and an ultramarathoner, but I figured I’d just go with the flow and embrace the suck.

There was no suck. I just had the most wonderful time with these two guys. Starting out in firm winds and light snow, we immediatly found common ground on the beauty of the varied terrain going from rocky single tracks to snow fields and lumpy grass. The absolute high point of our time together was Viggó showing us a crater filled with blissfully perfect hot water. We had a good laugh about people on waiting lists for the Blue Lagoon, while we were having this experience “for free”, taken there not by money but by our imagination and motivation. Getting back out was rather chilly though!

I wasn’t cold for long. Dean and Viggó were bombing downhill and it took all my concentration to keep up with them without tripping on the rocky terrain flashing under my feet. Thanks guys! And see you around!

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